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Hy, If you are on this page , then you have click the “Click here” button on creating a pop up free download cloud. In this page, you will read about the donation and need for it, as well as some other important facts.

I have been receiving numerous message from lot of people about how they could not download the movie on our site due to lot of pop up advert and low download speed.

You might not have read our copyright notice, it is just before the download links. We don’t have any pop up on our site except for the one that brought you here, These movie upload site or cloud that we use in our posts are not ours, they belong to a 3rd party site and You only encounter a pop up when you leave our site to the our 3rd party download cloud or storage site. The major cloud we use are; srv.9jarock, Downloadbetter, zippyshare, datahost, etc. it is there source of income, We don’t have power over them and also we can’t stop the pop up advert. We use google ad which does not support pop up ads.

We have also received countless message and comment about them not been able to see the subtitle file or neither can they continue download after it has been paused and a lot of complains our the download speed. Just as I said earlier, this is not our fault and we can’t solve the problem


This matters has been of great concern to me and i have taught of several ways to solve it but there is only one true way to solve this problems and bring the movie pop up free blog to reality.

THE ONLY SOLUTION IS TO GET OUR VERY OWN DOWNLOAD CLOUD AND CONFIGURE IT HOW WE SEE FIT. If we are able to create a storage cloud, Then we can dis-enable pop up, enable pause and play, provide direct link to subtitle, reduce movie size, offer different download size and make download very fast.


Help us

To carry out this solution, we need to do some necessary things and follow some necessary procedure.

  1. We need to move our hosting to either a VPS HOSTING or A Dedicated hosting.
  2. we need an offshore hosting to prevent site lock down due to DMCA POLICY.
  3. Purchase premium script to enable the functions that we want.

Which Host did we decide to move to

After many taught on price and speed. we have decided that Flaunt7 hosting company is the best for this processes and goal realization.

Due to the price, we decided to start with the VPS, You can click the link to view more and see our selected plan.

We are planing to select the $19/month option, it will ensure speed and make sure that the blog perform to it’s optimum capacity, considering the amount of traffic we have now.

We will be paying for a whole year in order not to cause a sudden stoppage of site due to inability to pay the recurring free, I’m sure by the end of a year, we would have gathered enough fund to pay the next fee ourselves.

For the web hosting and other mandatory services and script, will will be needing nothing less than $600.


The truth is that, I can’t come up with that amount myself and i will forever be grateful to you if you can help me achieve my goal of creating a pop up free download cloud and better speed optimized movie download site and cloud, and also enable me keep the blog free for everyone without need to register of purchase membership in order to download or stream movie.

We have more them 600 people visiting this blog per day, If you could just Have mercy and help us by donating at least $1 any things you visit our blog. We should be able to achieve this goal in a week.



Click the donate button bellow.

Fill The Form that comes up after the donation. We will create a list of people who donated and the amount on this page.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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