Musa came back from school singing and dancing. His father was wondering why he was so happy and decided to ask him. DAD: My son, I have never seen you in this mood in a long while. Any good news to share? MUSA: Dad, next year you wouldn’t be buying […]

LADIES IN THE HOUSE If your boyfriend has another girlfriend. Who is that girl to you? Is she your step-girlfriend or your business partner? ??? My mum told me not to follow Bad Gang… So I have made up my mind to lead them????? . Sometimes, I wish I was […]

Enjoy our joke of the day 1 for 2019 and laugh out loud through out your day…. if you are not laughing, den it not a joke… I think my neighbor brought another girl home, bcos this is not how his girlfriend use to moan. Lemme go and borrow maggi☺ […]

        Main galfriend don’t comment on boo’s pic, She read d comments and screenshot d suspicious ones for quarrels. ? ? #True????  Nigerian police be like…”oh..you think you have all the receipts bah??..oya where is the receipt of all these receipts you brought out?. Some parents want […]

                                     I fear Enugu people o, they stole my friend’s phone and his phone’s ear  piece was still singing until he got home???? She asked me “What do you do for a living”? […]


       If you are called ~_Bridget_~ just know your parents had s€x under the bridge..!!*????????? Never Ki$$ A Police Woman. She Will Say ‘Stop And Handsup! Never Ki$$ A Nurse She Will Say ‘Next Plz, ‘Always Ki$$ A Teacher She Will Say ‘ Repeat it 10 times,’  *Dating […]

You decided to go nd see ur crush with ur Ugly friend… On reaching there ur bae saw both of u and shout  *Waooo U perfectly look alike ar u twins…???* My brother just rest in peace…. Bcs am fainting for you.. ???? *The Basco* Just wondering what Methuselah was […]


RESPECT IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!Pastor found a baboon that could talk. So hetaught it how to sing, pray and preach. At oneSunday service, Pastor says to congregation, “TheBaboon is going to pray today.” The Baboon satstill and the Pastor repeated but the Baboon didnot respond. After the service pastor asks, “Whydidn’t […]

      Bayo and his wife Ola received a letter from their daughter who went to study modern physics overseas. SHE WROTE~My beloved Parents, I miss u so much & it breaks my heart to think that by d time i get back, you will be too old. So, enclosed you […]

          Nothing makes a guy happier than when a lady says go and lock the door first…  _You jump like Antonio Conte in Celebration…._  ??????????  *Especially in this weather*        I almost gave up…. When i heard one ibadan girl singing ” Wizzy Boi […]

To all Primary teachers who forced us boys to sit between two girls as punishment“`…“`WE HONESTLY MISS YOU“`. *GIVE ME THE PUNISHMENT AGAIN*I no get sense dat time, I neva knew u were passing a message to me She was my Crush, Until the day she said the opposite of […]